HABIT Fitness is a fast-paced, high-intensity workout, designed for people with a busy lifestyle. Burn up to 475 calories in just 30 minutes. Suitable for ALL fitness levels and abilities.

Our strength & conditioning classes are half-hour workouts consisting of different exercise stations that last 45 seconds each, so you never get bored. Core strength exercises that will guarantee weight loss, toning, and improve fitness and, as it's only 30 minutes, it suits the busy lifestyles of today.

  • Learn dynamic workouts that offer long-lasting results
  • Nutrition tips and fortnightly feast recipes that will help you reach your fitness goals!
  • Unwavering support and guidance from our instructors
  • Friendly, passionate, and reliable staff and team members who are all about seeing you succeed
  • No fads or trends; only timeless full body workouts that will elevate your lifestyle!

Our Habit Fitness Programme Will Empower You to Take Charge of Your Life!

Melt fat and get in fighting shape with PMA Abergele's HABIT Fitness! This is a program that is unlike any other. With us, you will build endurance, harness self-confidence, burn fat, and build good muscle. We train you to be the master of your body and mind through positively challenging drills, exercises, and activities!

  • Get fit, lean, and confident to do anything
  • Boost your metabolism and immune system
  • Improve your overall disposition and well-being
  • Wake up stronger and braver to face challenges
  • Meet fun and interesting people along the way!

Sign up today and find out how HABIT Fitness can change your life.